Waterproof USB B type 2.0 Connectors , Panel Mount Receptacle & Overmolded Cable Assembly

  • Model No.:USB2BC
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Watertight and Dust-proof USB 2.0 for Harsh Environments

Key Features

Features :
The Plug Assembly will mate to either the Receptacle Cable Assembly or the Panel Mount Receptacle.
IP67 rated Waterproof and Dust Resistant , suitable for Harsh Environments
Vibration Resistant, Impact Resistant, Stretching Resistant
The single-ended cable assemblies are available with over-molded plugs or receptacles
Custom lengths are available
Available as Lock Screw or Thread Screw

1. Model : USB2BC-P4SN-xxM , xx=cable length 
Overmolded Cable Assembly, Male Plug , Threaded Locking

2. Model : USB2BC-P3Cxx Series
Panel-Mounting Connectors , Panel Receptacle , Thread Screw.
P3C01/ Straight Pin Header , P3C02 / Right Angle Pin Header , P3C03 / Straight Wafer
P3C04 / Right Angle Wafer , P3C10 / PCB with Solder Eyes , P3CRJ / Right Angle Jack
P3CSJ / Straight Jack

3. USB2BC-P3CM-xxM, xx=cable length
Overmolded Cable Receptacle, Female Jack, Threaded Locking

Technical Data :
Connector : USB 2.0 B type, Panel Receptacle , Cable Receptacle
Lock/Screw Nut : Nylon +GF
Portection Rate : IP67 (Connected)
Connector : Nylon+GF
Gasket : Santoprene / EPDM
Overmold : PVC
Wterproof Cap : Nylon+GF
Cable : UL2725 USB Cable
Temperature Range : -20℃~+85℃

Typical Applications :
Interfaces for robotic and industrial computer systems
Industrial Production, CNC Machines
Medical equipment
Outdoor wireless
Outdoor telecommunications systems
Outddor monitoring devices
Solar energy equipment
Electric power equipment
Communications equipment
Vehicle / Ship equipment

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