Waterproof RJ45 Connector System, includes Field Installable Cable Assembly (Plug) and Panel Mount RJ45 Jack / Coupler

  • Model No.:WP-RJ45-Kit
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Waterproof RJ45 Ethernet System

Key Features

Product Name & Decriptions :
The System includes :

Panel Connector / Receptacle + Field Installable RJ45 Housing
1. a Waterproof Panel Mount RJ45 Circular/Square Flange Receptacle and
2. a Mating Cable Field Installable Cable Assembly, which passes an RJ45 Plug and Rubber Seals to seal the Cable System to IP67 Requirements.

Panel Connector / Receptacle + RJ45 Plug with Overmolded Cable 

1. a Waterproof Panel Mount RJ45 Circular/Square Flange Receptacle or Chassis Mounting RJ45 Jack 
2. a Mating Cable RJ45 Plug with Molded Cable

Features :
The system provides for quick and easy disconnect  and reconnect of equipment.
Field Installable Type Connector Waterproof Connector System for RJ45 shielded or unshielded connectors
are designed for high reliability in the presence of moisture, dust, or corrosive elements ,
the IP67 sealing ability provides a reliable connection in very harsh environments.
System is suitable for many Industries such as outdoor surveillance system and indoor harsh industrial processes.
The quick disconnect feature of Installable Type Connector allows for ready replacement
to minimize field time and minimizing downtime for the customer.
Shock and Vibration resistant
RoHS Compliant
Degree of protection IP67
RJ45 8P8C shielded or non-shielded is available

Electrical Data :
Rated voltage : 125VAC
Insulation resistance : 100MΩ
Rated current : 1.5A
Contact resistance  : 30mΩ
Ambient temperature : -20℃~+80℃
Polarity : 8P8C
Overmold : TPU
Contacts : Copper alloy with gold plating
Coupling nut/screw : PA+GF
Degree of protection : IP67 in locked condition

Applications :
Outdoor Wireless Transmitter Enclosure, Base Station
Outdoor LED Display / Signage / Lamp / Lighting
Outdoor Telecom Equipment
Industrial / Military PC
Marine Connector System
Automation Machine

Main Export Market

Australia ,Brazil ,Japan ,Kuwait ,Netherlands ,Saudi Arabia ,Singapore ,Sweden ,United Arab Emirates ,United Kingdom

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