Waterproof RF-BNC Connector used for CCTV Coaxial Cable

  • Model No.:wp BNCB system
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Waterproof BNC Connector used for Coaxial Cable

Key Features

Product Description :
Waterproof BNC Connector Kit for Coaxial Cable, Outdoor CCTV Monitor Accessories, includes
1. Cable End BNC Male Connector, Field Installable, Male to Female Jack Plug, Crimp Type
(P/N : BNCB-P4SA-xx) Coding xx = 01~ 04, 01 / 5C-FB, 02 / RG-174, 03 / RG-58, 04 / RG-59 Cable
2. Panel Mounting BNC Female Connector , PCB Panel Mount to Cable End, Screw on
BNC Chassis Panel Mounted Socket , Female Jack Solder Type Connector Adapter (P/N : BNCB-P3CS)

Features :
Field Attachable Male Crimp Type Connector Housing,
Suitable for 5C-FB , RG-174, RG-58 and RG-59 Coaxial Cable / OD : 5 ~ 8 mm
Quick Connect and Disconnect
Simply Screw on with Panel Mount Female Connector
IP Rating : IP66~68
RoHS Compliant

Applications :
Watertight RF Coaxial Connector
Weatherproof Radio Telecommunication System
Medical Equipment
Induatrial Computer Network in Harsh Environment
Test Instrumention
Wide Ranges of Outdoor CCTV System

For more details, please refer to attachment .

Main Export Market

Austria ,Canada ,Czech Republic ,EUROPE ,Finland ,France ,Germany ,MID-EAST ,Netherlands ,Spain ,United Kingdom ,United States

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