Waterproof Patch Cable with Power & Signal Hybrid Connector

  • Model No.:CDX-L3xxx
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Transit both Power & Signal in one cable

Key Features

Product Descriptions :
Hybrid Mixed Power and Signal Waterproof Connector Patch Cable
Hybrid Combination Connectivity System

Features :
Allow to user integrate 2 or 3 power contacts with 6 to 7 signal contacts in one connector housing.
Provides a single connector solution for simplified cabling.
Single connector solution for simplified cabling
Secure for outdoor applications
Robust to withstand harshest environments
RoHS Compliant
Waterproof Rated IP66~IP68

Pins Layouts:
Power Pin : 20A x (2~3P), Signal Pin : 5A x (1~7P)
Other Pin layouts are Available, upon customer request
Please Click on "Contact Supplier" for more information.

Applications :
Factory Machine Automation
Medical Equipment
Outdoor LED Display/Lighting
Broadcast Entertainment
Outdoor Transporation Control Systems

Main Export Market

Australia ,Brazil ,Canada ,Finland ,Germany ,Japan ,Saudi Arabia ,Singapore ,Slovakia (Slovak Republic) ,Spain ,Sweden ,Switzerland ,Taiwan ,United Arab Emirates ,United Kingdom ,United States

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