M12 Adapter / Splitter , M12 Circular Connectors Accessories

  • Model No.:M12-ADP
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Cable Side Connectors & Accessories

Key Features

M12 Cable Side Connectors / Adapter / Splitter
Protection levels IP66/IP67/IP68 for applications in harsh enviroment , for Low to Medium Voltage Applications

Material of Connector Insert : Nylon + GF
Material of Housing : Brass with nickel plated
Material of Hex Nut : Brass with nickel plated
Material of Contact : Brass with 6u" gold plated
Material of cable jacket : PVC or PUR
Locking system screw : M12*1.0
Coding : Can be specified
Contact Gender : Can be specified
Number of Pin : Can be specified
IP Rating IP66~68

Existing Model :
1. M12 Male to Dual Female A Coding 5 Pin Y Adapter
2. M12 T Splitter Cable Assembly
3. M12 Y Splitter with 2 Cables , Custom Ending and Length are available
4. M12 I Type Feed-Through Adapter :
    Male to Female / Metal to Plastic , this quick switch connector's version allows for a secure,
    sealed connection through a panel allowing connector to be connected on either end
5. M12 T Splitter, 1 Female Connector to 2 Male Connector
6. M12 Y Splitter, 1 Male Connector to 2 Female Connector
7. M12 Female to RJ45 Jack Adapter , M12 coding A or D or X, easy to mount on a panel.


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